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"Prologue" and "WordPress does Twitter"

Updated 29JAN08 13:25MST:
My comment to Joseph Scott's "Prologue, A WordPress Theme" :
A couple oddities I hope to work on: I created a page and got page titles to display in the sidebar, but when I select one of those I don’t see any of the text that’s in it.
Also, and this is core to the functionality I’d like to see, a post submitted on a page doesn’t display any differently than a post entered on the mainpage.
So right now: neither About nor PlaceHolder display the text they were created with. So they, along with mainpage, display exactly the same.

Now: if pages could carry their own stream … know what I mean?
What I’m getting at is that the “most recent by each contributer” shouldn’t be universal.
Mainpage? yes, of course, that’s the point.
Separate pages? How about “most recent from each contributer on this page”?
Categories? I don’t know … maybe that should dump all posts.

I haven’t looked at the code, so don’t know how you implemented the logic; maybe I’m at counter-purposes with you."
My thinking is this: with minor changes, posts could be sorted a number of ways:
1) MainPage shows only "most recent by each contributor"
2) separate pages show "most recent by each contributor on page"
3) categories ... not sure ... maybe a dump of all contributions, sorted by date?

Another interesting wierdness (apart from the fact that page text isn't showing ... 'sup with that?): you can add a title in Edit, and the title shows up in Recent Posts, but you cannot add a title from the main post form.
RFE: don't change the post display function, but do change the submit form to allow the creation of a title.


<rant>Without prejudice: it comes down to the kidz who have the toys get to call out the rules of the game.

If I trotted out a description of my stuff ... would that result in the resources needed for a launch?
You see, this is where "discourse variance" kicks in: one moment we're talking like the world is all fun, then how it's a tough place with folk ready to mug you anytime, then back to the light and love delusion ... and that's what BluePill and "constant partial attention" allow; the people around me show all the integrity of pin-ball machines.

If I could develop this stuff I know I'd have something really special. But I /can /not// ... think it's easy? Try it sometime. But no ... that's too much like work. Scoffing? Scoffing is easy.
Indulge me: I get cranky/frustrated sometimes.

Anyhow: WordPress has released a theme ... no big deal there ... but it creates something like a Twitter interface. I've applied it on ... it's pretty neat.

Anyhow, and tell the story.

BTW: if you want to set it up on the theme is there to be selected, but you need to navigate to page 3 or 4 to find "Prologue" ... alphabetical.

Anyhow, I've got the files from SVN ... I really really really think it needs a sidebar. (I've just started a stand-alone page as work-around.)

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