gnodal (gnodal) wrote,

And the beat goes on

Email from David Crane (his "Blog Home") brought me to the DebateWise on healthcare: "America Should Have Universal Healthcare. (Note 1: "America" here should read "The United States" ... Canada is in North America ... we have universal healthcare already, thanks very much. Note 2: UPPER CASE SUX, ALWAYS, ALL WAYS) I happen to appreciate David's project, a lot. But this presentation demonstrates everything about the methodology I rejected in the late 90s. (I was creating graphical hyper-linked documents in the late 80s, BTW ... and for that matter was working on collaborative authoring using computing systems in the late 70s ... "computer mediated communications" was daily for me early 70s. So, what's new with you? *grin*) My time with CMap and Compendium, and here with Debate Wise, confirm my dis-inclination.

But re-visiting this brought me again to ... their collection of public maps is very attractive; Best Online Collaboration Tools (Robin Good; 2009) recommends itself.

On a different tack, SpinScape. This YouTube video manifests ... what? Gilding a lily? Not quite ... though that's nice and gentle. What I'm thinking of is more in line with "beating a dead horse". I mean exhausting a limited concept ... bringing a tragically constrained conceptualization to it's logical conclusion.
"Oooh, look mommy! They let us color different items different colors!" *sigh*

And why does it matter? "Civil society" seems so abstract. How about "Participatory Budgeting"? No, don't tell me, let me guess; too boring ... was I close?
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