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Praxis - solutions arising from needs analysis

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Here's what moved me to post to this dusty old LJ:
"It does seem to me that those who believe that humans are causing the planet to warm may be guilty of some dirty tricks regarding peer review inclusion of dissenting views. This is a shame because peer review and debate to me is a time-honored tradition and through the friction of opposing views, observers can come to informed conclusions.

I wish political arguments on say health care used peer review. Then most of us Americans might know a bit more about what we are talking about and logic might prevail over emotions."

"Climate Debate accelerates as Copenhagen begins - Global Neighbourhoods"
Shel Israel

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*Draft; 1st cut*Yoram, this part

p.s. in case you think that I'm basically wrong about ?what? mis-allocation of resources and effort, I offer you this ... a page I just came across ... as paradigmatic: a new startup, a simple product (yet.another comment system) driven by some credible figures; on the homepage there's a list of exemplary sites; this one is suggested as a "professional blog": "Will Anyone Pay for Anything?". Now, look at the way the comments are presented. That's break-through? That's empowerment? That's sophistication? *sigh* But it's produced by a credible commercial entity. *shakes head*

World Weather

Project: generate a set of resources to enable spot weather reports related to emergency situations.

  • Algeria, Office National de la Météorologie.
  • Argentina, Servicio Meteorológico Nacional
  • Australia, Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Victoria
  • Austria, Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics
  • Belgium, The Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium
  • Bulgaria, National institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
  • Brazil, Instituto Nacional de Meteolorogia (INMET)
  • Brunei, The Brunei Meteorological Service
  • Canada, Meteorological Service of Canada
  • Chile, Direccion Meteorologica de Chile
  • China, The China Meteorological Administration
  • Colombia, Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environment Studies
  • Costa Rica, Instituto Meteorológico Nacional
  • Croatia, Meteorological and Hydrological Service, Zagreb
  • Cuba, Instituto de Meteorología
  • Czech Republic, Czech Hydrometeorological Institute
  • Denmark, The Danish Meteorological Institute
  • Ecuador, Instituto Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología
  • Egypt, Egyptian Meteorological Authority
  • Fiji, Fiji Meteorological Service
  • Finland, The Finnish National Weather Service, The Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • France, Météo-France, Toulouse
  • Germany, The Deutscher Wetterdienst, Offenbach
  • Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong Observatory
  • Hungary, Hungarian Meteorological Service
  • Iceland, The Icelandic Meteorological Office
  • India, India Meteorological Department
  • Indonesia, Indonesian Meteorological and Geophysical Agency
  • Italy, Italian Air Force Meteorological Service
  • Japan, Japan Meteorological Agency
  • Kenya, Kenya Meteorological Department
  • Republic of Korea, Korea Meteorological Administration
  • Latvia, Latvian Hydrometeorological Agency
  • Lithuania, Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service
  • Macao, Serviços Meteorológicos de Macau
  • Malaysia, Malaysian Meteorological Service
  • Maroco, Direction de la Météorologie Nationale
  • Mexico, Servicio Meteorológico Nacional
  • Netherlands, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, DeBilt
  • New Zealand, Meteorological Service of New Zealand, Ltd. Wellington
  • Norway, Norwegian Meteorological Institute
  • Oman, Department of Meteorology
  • Pakistan, Pakistan Meteorological Department
  • Paraguay, Dirección de Meteorología e Hidrología del Paraguay
  • Peru, Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología
  • Philippines, PAGASA (The Philippines Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Adm.)
  • Poland, Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, (imgW)
  • Portugal, Instituto de Meteorologia
  • Romania, National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
  • Russia, Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environment Monitoring
  • Saudi Arabia, Meteorology and Environmental Protection Administration (MEPA)
  • Singapore, Meteorological Service Singapore, Singapore
  • Slovakia, Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute
  • Slovenia, Hydrometeorological Institute of Slovenia, Ljubljana
  • South Africa, Weather Bureau, Pretoria
  • Spain, Instituto Nacional De Meteorologia (INM)
  • Swaziland, Swaziland Meteorological Service
  • Sweden, Sweden Meteorology and Hydrology Institute
  • Switzerland, Swiss Meteorological Institute
  • Thailand, Meteorological Department of Thailand
  • The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hydrometeorological Institute
  • Turkey, Devlet Meteoroloji Genel Müdürlüðü
  • United Kingdom, The Meteorological Office, Bracknell
  • Uruguay, Servicio de Oceanografía, Hidrografía y Meteorología de la Armada
  • U.S.A., National Weather Service, Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Venezuela, Dirección de Hidrología y Meteorología
  • Yugoslavia, Federal Hydrometeorological Institute
  • Zambia, Zambia Meteorological Department
  • Zimbabwe, Department of Meteorological Services

Drinking the Koolaid: "Light and Love Delusion" as the new jingoism

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Micah Sifry quoted this in his post about the IntenseDebate deployment on Change.Gov:
"I just wanted to say thank you for giving us a place to make our thoughts and comment heard. It's about time the government provide a centralized place for citizens to express their opinions where they feel they will be heard." [Emphasis added by him there.]

My response to him on Twitter was this:
"With 3.7K / 53 pages of comments (and the thread closed), you say ID on Change.Gov is a place people can go to be heard?! #koolaid"
In effect, this says that standing in a crowd with 3,699 other people and holding up a placard is a brave step forward for engaged democracy.
That's non-sense ... and worse: it leads to complacent self-delusion, entirely antithetical to the drive for innovation.

Sidebar: I noticed that Sifry has blocked me on Twitter ...
... to that, I tweeted this: " Well, after years of cold-shoulder I finally got a reaction: blocked by none other than @Mlsif, the high-priest of democracy. #borg #matrix "

The ironies are ripe ... and entirely keeping with what might seem a cynical appraisal on my part: those who are charged with the responsibility of applauding the Emperor's new clothes are doing just that.
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p.s. about an hour ago I had an Eureka moment ... that makes ?what? maybe 3 in 54 years. I was yet again going over my theory concerning taxonomy / ontology, tags and categories, topics and subjects, and on and on ... going back over what I've implemented, all the way back to '75 and the resources library database (cards with holes punched along their edges, to be sorted with knitting needles. I adore that!) ... and for no real good reason OLAP came to mind ... OLAP cube ... maybe I visualized a Rubik's cube, I'm not sure ... but it fell into place. has legs!

The Obama WhiteHouse - Civility, OpenDemocracy and Web2.0

X-posted from MozDawg on DAV and Docs
With Obama's massively successful campaign I've watched Web2.0 do what it does best: drive money.

Now ... now what?
Since the mid-70s I've been surveying the field as I tried to enable civil society with the best IT.
And, as some of you know, the mid-70s was a pretty harsh time ..
East Timor, apartheid coming to a head in South Africa ... harsh.
This hard on the heels of the war in Vietnam ... Cambodia and all that.
And, more personally for me, Chile.
As an airborne-ready SigInt operator I served by interdicting the Evil Empires' attempts to over-throw democratic regimes.
My group interdicted as they tried ... ... but then my group did. I mean we over-threw the democratically elected government in Chile.
Of course cracker trash-talkers will say Allende was a flaming-red Commie ... ... just like they said that Obama was a socialist with ties to terrorist friends.
Crackers don't change much over time.
Does anything? Sure: the tactics for manufacturing concensus and the techniques for driving money.

Will Obama's oh-so capable team transform the field of governance with something like what I call "participatory deliberation"?
I have reason for hoping so ... lots of reasons ... age old reasons, too, since we're talking about the emancipation project itself.
But is there reason for optimism? I dunno ... it's up to us.
"Yes, we can!" is only operative if we get off our butts.
Crackers and red-necks are going to push Obama's principles towards the ditch.
We can stop that if we try ... if.

But I'm no cynic: given the tools, we'll do the work.
But tools don't grow on trees.
Technology doesn't sprout up out of the ground.
So those who control the money control the agenda ... as usual.
And ain't it a coincidence that Obama takes on a nation that's on the brink ... some coincidence!

p.s. the Obama page on my wiki

Cat out o'the bag?

A while back I did a little online work for a guy on the other side of the Atlantic ... just helping him re-design the frontpage of his commercial site. Not rocket science, but not thumb-twiddling either.
Thing is, he had no means of paying me. I don't have credit card, so paypal is out.

Anyhow, he got me an account at DreamHost which I've been using to slowly develop my project.

I've been in "stealth mode" for years ... cat definitely in the bag.

Well, I just let the cat's head out:
"The Antenna is You" -

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